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I intend to perform Hajj with my family this year. I am working in Saudi Arabia. Is it possible for me to go to Mecca with my family in Shawwâl to perform my `Umrah for Hajj and then return to my work in another city until the time for Hajj arrives? On the eighth of Dhû al-Hijjah, I plan to simply don the ihraâm garb and go on with my Hajj. Is this valid?

Answered by

Sheikh Sa`d al-Shuwayrikh
The months of Hajj are Shawwâl, Dhû al-Qa`dah and ten days of Dhû al-Hijjah.

It is perfectly permissible for a Muslim to perform `Umrah during these months.

However, if that person had intended to perform Hajj Tamattu` (hajj and `Umrah combined) and then returns home after performing `Umrah, his Tamattu` status will cease.

In other words, when he comes back later for Hajj, he will simply be making Hajj by itself (Hajj Ifrâd) with a new ihrâm. Therefore, he will not be obligated to slaughter an animal during Hajj because he did not perform Hajj and `Umrah together. Instead he performed `Umrah on its own and Hajj on its own.

He should note that when he returns to perform Hajj, it will be obligatory for him to enter into a state of ihram before passing the mîqât. He may not postpone entering into ihrâm until after he reaches Mecca.