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How many verses in the Qur’ân are occasions for sujûd al-tilâwah?

Answered by

Sheikh Sâmî al-Khalîl, director of the Islamic Call & Guidance Center in `Unayzah
There are fifteen places for prostrations in the Qur’an. They are in the following chapters:

Sûrah al-A`râf, Sûrah al-Ra`d, Sûrah al-Nahl, Sûrah al-Isrâ’, Sûrah Maryam, two places in Sûrah al-Hajj, Sûrah al-Furqân, Sûrah al-Naml, Sûrah al-Sajdah, Sûrah Ha Mîm al-Sajdah, Sûrah Sâd, Sûrah al-Najm, Sûrah al-Inshiqâq, and Sûrah al-`Alaq.

All these prostrations are known to us by way authentic hadîth. Some of them have chains of transmission reaching back to the Prophet (peace be upon him), while other are related to the Companions. However, those narrations that are related to the Companions take the same ruling as those that reach back to the Prophet (peace be upon him), since these are matters of worship wherein the Companions would not have exercised their own opinions.

Scholars have talked about these places of prostration and explained the evidence for them. One of these scholars was Ibn al-Qayyim in his book I`lâm al-Muwaqqi`în. You may refer to that book for more information.

And Allah knows best.