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I came across a website that stated some Shî`ah beliefs supposedly drawn from their primary book of hadîth. I was just wondering if these are truly the beliefs of the Ithnâ`asharî Shî`ah: “Allah often lies and makes mistakes." [Usûl al-Kâfî (1/328)] “Allah has the Quality of Badâ' (changing his mind).” [Usûl al-Kâfî (1/283)] “The Imams possess all the knowledge granted to angels, prophets and messengers.” [Usûl al-Kâfî (1/255)]

Answered by

Sheikh Sa`îd b. Nâsir al-Ghâmidî, professor at King Khâlid University
The texts found in the Shî`ah books of traditions are replete with contradictions in the beliefs that they espouse and in the religious verdicts that they give. For instance, we can find some traditions saying that the Qur’ân is complete and others saying that it is incomplete.

On account of the severity and frequency of contradictions to be found in their traditions, the Ithnâ`asharî Shî`ah have become divided into two ideological factions.

The first is the Ahkbârî faction who abide by the texts narrated in their books. These people hold to many contradictions, fictions, and totally misguided beliefs.

The second is the `Usûlî faction who take a methodological approach to evaluating the texts. They try to apply reason in their judgments. They are generally less extreme than the other faction. Among their number are people who oppose such extreme beliefs, explain their falsehood, and disclose the contradictions. They include al-Barqu`î, Mûsâ al-Mawsawî, Ahmad al-Kâtib, al-Kisrawî, and others.

Therefore, we cannot say that all the Shî`ah believe in these sayings and abide by them. We can see that some of of the Shî`ah deny the veracity of these claims reject their meaning.

These sayings are very bad and purport misguided beliefs that contradict Islam. These sayings can be still be attributed to the Ithnâ`asharî Shî`ah in general, as long as they do not deny them and make themselves clear of them.

May Allah guide us all.