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I have jewelry and I want to give half of it to my daughter. I want to know if I must pay Zakâh on that share of the jewelry which I am giving to my daughter?

Answered by

Sheikh Hamad al-Hammâd, professor at the Islamic University, Madinah
If this jewelry is only for purposes of adornment, then the preferred opinion on the matter is that there is no Zakât levied on it. However, you might prefer to pay Zakâh on gold and silver jewelry anyway because of the difference of opinion that exists among jurists on this issue.

As for jewelry that is neither gold nor silver nor kept with the intention of selling it, there is unanimous agreement among all Muslims that there is no Zakâh levied on it.

Therefore, if you were to pay Zakâh on a gold and diamond necklace, you would not pay Zakâh on the full value of a necklace. You would pay only on the value of the gold that it contains.

It makes no difference in any case whether the jewelry is for yourself or for your daughter.

And Allah knows best.