International Muslim Conference on Climate Change Pressures OIC to Act
  • Mon, 04/12/2010
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April 12, 2010

The International Muslim Conference on Climate Change concluded with a declaration directed at the OIC.

250 participants from 250 countries attended the conference, which was held on 9 and 10 2010 in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. The event is a continuation of the agenda of the Muslim Seven Year Action Plan for Climate Change (M7YAP) declared in Istanbul, Turkey, early in June 2009.

The conference issued the "Bogor Declaration" which urges the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to set up a special council to offer leadership on climate change issues.

It said that the OIC needed to promote climate change policies, including recommendations on lifestyle changes which would suit Islamic values.

It recommended that Muslim communities should initiate action to deal with climate change through establishment of eco- Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) and use mosques to disseminate sustainability messages to congregations.

The conference will formally submit the Bogor Declaration to the OIC, which consists of 57 Muslim countries and countries with large Muslim communities.

"It is time for the OIC to talk about climate change to help pressure the international community to deal with global warming",the head of the steering committee Ismid

The two-day conference however, failed to set up a hoped-for "Muslim Association on Climate Change Action" as an umbrella group to help implement the Bogor Declaration.

The conference also failed to discuss a suggested "Green Hajj" concept for the pilgrimage to Mecca as planned.

"With or without the proposed umbrella group, we will take action on climate change," Hadad said.

Mohammad Azmi from the Malaysia-based Consumer Association of Penang said that Muslim countries should strengthen their position on international talks on climate change issues.

The UN Framework on Climate Change (UNFCC) hosts annual conference on climate change to discuss such issues as emission cuts.

"The OIC should come up with a strong position on climate change to back up the UNFCCC," he said.

"All Muslim countries should come onto the [UNFCCC] board to prevent rich nations from 'killing' the Kyoto Protocol," he said.

Azmi said that the Muslim countries should also push rich nations to provide financial and technical assistance in support of the transfer of green technology to help the developing countries in dealing with climate change.

"Muslim countries need to set up a block negotiation to strengthen the voice of Muslims in climate change talks," he said.


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